Grace Marie Roebuck
Grace likes to live her life like a plate of thanksgiving supper: overflowing with far too much for any one person but surrounded by infinite gratitude the people she loves. Overcome by her many passions, Grace currently juggles numerous roles as a Director for the Centre for Conscious Design (CCD), a Researcher for HUME Architecture, the Elks Scholar Fellow for the Elks National Foundation, and a soon to be Research Assistant with John Hopkins International Arts and Mind Lab. Her passion lies in the use of science and storytelling in spatial design to systemically create healthier, happier, and more equitable societies.
Grace's connection to social responsibility is easily spotted as founder of anti-trafficking organization: "The Underground” and most recently with her position as Director of Operations and Cultural Innovation (DOCI) at the CCD. As DOCI, Grace is rapidly expanding the Centre to new and unprecedented international heights from Peru to Pakistan to Singapore to the United Stated - and many more. Grace often engages with the community as a public speaker at diverse forums across New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Grace has effectuated numerous events centered on anti-trafficking advocacy, women's rights, and other pressing humanitarian issues. 
Grace received her B.A. in psychology and studio art from Vassar College 2020. In 2018, She spent four months with a host family in Copenhagen, DK, where she studied Graphic Design with DIS and internationally known studios such as Playtype, Studio Dumbar, and Urgent Agency.
In her free time, Grace adamantly enjoys reading, creating art, and traveling. In her most recent travels, Grace met long lost family living on Ischia, a small Island off of the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Grace has been fortunate to travel to multiple locations across the US and the world including Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Canada, Norway, and Haiti.
Honors and Awards
2020 Departmental Honors Psychology
Awarded to less than 5% of graduating seniors demonstrating a high GPA as well as initiative and independence in the pursuit of knowledge, advanced understanding of psychology, originality of work, and independence and sophistication in the conduct of research.
2020 Ellen Rudnik 72' Entrepreneurship Fellow
    Awarded to 2 students annually to pursue a startup venture by themself or in conjuncture with an outside organization. 
Dean of the College Senior College Life Recognition Program
Recognized for outstanding volunteer contributions to campus life
2019 Psi Chi 
    Inducted into the International Honor Society for Psychology
2018 Elks National Foundation Leader
    1/15 student leaders nationwide
2018 UXPA International Conference
    Only undergraduate volunteer
2017 “Broken Dolls” Committee
Committee chair on Broken Dolls, a play about human trafficking 
2017 AHA & IBB Fellowship
A fellowship for campus event planning on Female Genital Mutilation, Child Marriage, and Violence against women and girls
2017 Education Correspondent Haiti
    1/10 students chosen
2016 Girl Scout Gold Award
For the development of Breaking Barriers; received by less than 6% of Girl Scouts annually
2016 Elks Club Most Valuable Student
    20/19,000 nationwide, $20,000